Potty Training Time for the Second Child – Enroll Now for August Classes

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The Current Situation

My youngest kiddo is now 15 months old. He has mastered walking and is trying desperately to keep up with his older brother.

You’ll remember that I potty trained my first child when he was almost 16 months old. I tell the story here. And now the little one is approaching that age…

No pressure…

I have been practicing part-time EC with the baby since the day we brought him home from the hospital. It has been a fun and low stress adventure. I celebrate every catch and expect lots of misses. There are many busy days out of the house where we’re only keeping “the spirit of EC” alive, and other days at home when I feel more in tune with my baby’s potty needs.

As we’re transitioning from EC to PT, we’re entering new territory for me. I’ve never potty trained a toddler while having his older brother around demanding my attention. I know the potty training process inside and out. I’ve imagined what it might be like for me to PT this particular child. But, what will it really be like?

Usually the line in class goes something like, “As you’re preparing for potty training, have a plan for who will take your other kids while you’re completing Phase 1 Step 1 Naked Observation…” and then nothing else is mentioned. But how does this really work day in and day out with multiple kids?

The Plan

As if anything in parenting goes as planned. But here is my plan:

  1. Decide that yes indeed, having my youngest potty trained by the end of summer (and before the start of the school year) is the desired outcome.
  2. But do not wait until Labor Day weekend to start. That would be a lot of pressure. (Not impossible, just not ideal for me).
  3. Instead, just randomly state “Sometime in August we will potty train,” then let other people know about it (hence this post).
  4. Gather a group of parents who are also interested in being free of diapers and teach a class (it’s good to refresh the information before starting, right?)
  5. Have an instant support and accountability group because whoa I’m both the teacher and the learner this time. I will be in the trenches, cleaning the messes, washing the clothes, and anxiously inward/non-anxiously outward watching and waiting for signs that my child is understanding this new way of being we’re committing to.
  6. Keep it real. I’ll be facilitating a private Facebook group in August where I will report our progress. Together we will ask questions, support each other, and brainstorm solutions. I know that I will have struggles to share. I will need your support.

Join Me

So I’m going to be learning some new tricks this summer and I want you to benefit from my learning. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! I also want to benefit from hearing your reports and wrestling with your questions. Why don’t you also bring a friend? Let’s all do this together.


A) In person class, private Facebook support group, and The Tiny Potty Training Book (Paperback Package worth $37) = $55

B) In person class and The Tiny Potty Training Book (Paperback package worth $37) = $45

C) Private support group = $35

D) Join the Go Diaper Free Madison Facebook Group – This group will always be free. You may ask questions and anyone is able to answer. You can search our discussion history to see if others have already answered your questions.

Diaper Freedom!

* Prices include tax and PayPal fees.
* Paperback books will be distributed at the class.
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* Do you already own The Tiny Potty Training Book? Email me at robin@godiaperfree.com for a reduced rate.