Potty Talk: DIY Baby Wipes and Diaper Rash Cream, Readiness Myth, and more

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1. The term “potty pause” is usually used when an EC’d baby suddenly stops peeing in a potty. I like how this blog post shifts the attention from the baby not “performing” to questions about the environment and caregiver. Just a good reminder to zoom out and see what might need to change in the midst of an EC challenge.

2. Myth debunking time. An older article from Salon but still good. “…as a result, mainstream wisdom has parents waiting and watching for signs that their child is ready, while diaper companies are more than happy to accommodate with jumbo sizes. But with a closer look at the research, does the idea of the toilet as a potential emotional hazard really hold up?” Nope.

3. Diaper rash is common, even in babies who are EC’d (because sometimes diaper rash is a result of a food or chemical sensitivity rather than just a side effect of skin exposure to pee or poop). Give this recipe for natural diaper rash cream a try and let me know how it works out!

4. Speaking of DIY baby products, this was our favorite baby wipe recipe with baby #1. Now that I’ve reminded myself, let me go check my cabinets to see if we still have the ingredients in preparation for baby #2!

5. Cutting up rolls of paper towel can be messy and frustrating. So since we’re cloth diapering anyways, I’m thinking of purchasing cloth wipes. Anyone have a recommendation? Thinking about these.

6. And since #2 is coming along, we might as well get ready. Here is a podcast for other parents getting ready!

7. I never tire of this video – unicorn and rainbow ice cream poop – OMG. This video can also help us have empathy for our little ones when they prefer to stand or squat to poop rather than sit on a potty chair! Little people are wise and so much more in tune with the best positions for elimination for their bodies – and then we socialize them. Oy.

Happy pottying!