Potty Talk: Pooping in Nature, Part-time EC, Infant Bladder Control and more

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Hello! Here are this week’s favorite potty training or elimination communication links.

I just taught some great classes at Happy Bambino this week. Thank you for all who joined me!

Teaching families about EC and PT gets me so jazzed up. Please spread the word to your friends so that I can do this more often!

  1. First, a video from my recent EC class for you. Sometimes I really wish someone would hold me like Andrea does for her 3-month-old baby in this video so I don’t have to touch the seat in the port-a-potty! (and check out the amount of pee that comes out of this child all at once – proof of ability to hold urine?)
  2. And another outside pottying video: Pooping in nature!
  3. As an avid backpacker, I do have some opinions about handling human waste out in nature. If you’re on a day hike, just pack out the poop, like you would with a dog. If you’re in the back country, here is a good article for you about human waste disposal.
  4. Unconditioning the diapered toddler is hard work. Empathy (and confidence) are required! How easy is it for you to change or break a habit?
  5. Also enjoyed this post (linked from within the post above) about who decides when to potty train: Parents, Kiddos, or the Diaper Industry?
  6. A single working mom shares some of her experiences with ECing her son. They have found a part-time (she uses the term “hybrid”) approach that works for them!
  7. Sometimes I actually miss the research I had to complete for my social work grad school papers and presentations – looking through tons of journal articles about various social work topics. I’ve been done with my most recent masters degree for almost 4 years and now I have the research bug again. But this time I’m focused on infant bladder control. A whole new set of vocabulary to learn! A quick quote from a study/article I found today. (I’ll be posting many more as I find them!)

In addition, the results from the polysomnographic recordings did show that in sleeping newborns there was clear evidence of cortical arousal in response to bladder distension. These observations further challenge the traditional belief that human infants have bladders which empty automatically by a simple spinal reflex. Consequently, the concepts of those infants are born with uninhibited bladders needs to be reconsidered.

It may not be conclusive, but at least it is asking us to reconsider what we’ve assumed about newborns and bladder control! So encouraging! I’m looking forward to getting to know the natural timing of baby #2’s inhibited bladder.

Happy Pottying!