Personalized Consultations

You don’t have to walk this journey alone, especially when challenges arise. I provide personalized consultations to help you work through specific Elimination Communication or Potty Training issues and help you get back on track.

Phone or Video Chat (Skype) Consultations:

  • 15 minutes for $30 (troubleshooting 1 issue)
  • 30 minutes for $45 (troubleshooting 1-3 issues)
  • 45 minutes for $60 (troubleshooting 2-4 issues)

*All phone consultations include 3 days of email communication for follow-up questions.


In-Home Consultations:

  • 30 minutes for $55
  • 60 minutes for $95
  • 90 minutes for $120

*All in-person consultations include 1 week of email communication for follow-up questions.

In-Home Consultations work well for:

  • Parents or Caregivers who want to work on specific EC or PT challenges
  • Parents or Caregivers who have tried potty training without success before
  • Parents of newborns
  • Parents of multiples
  • Parents potty training different aged children at the same time
  • Parents who desire the convenience of meeting in their own home
  • Parents who live in Madison and surrounding communities (within 15 miles of 53714)


Not sure which option would be best for you? Please contact me with your specific EC and PT situation and we’ll figure it out.

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