Potty Talk: Pooping in Nature, Part-time EC, Infant Bladder Control and more

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Hello! Here are this week’s favorite potty training or elimination communication links. I just taught some great classes at Happy Bambino this week. Thank you for all who joined me! Teaching families about EC and PT gets me so jazzed up. Please spread the word to your friends so that I can do this more […]

Potty Talk: DIY Baby Wipes and Diaper Rash Cream, Readiness Myth, and more

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1. The term “potty pause” is usually used when an EC’d baby suddenly stops peeing in a potty. I like how this blog post shifts the attention from the baby not “performing” to questions about the environment and caregiver. Just a good reminder to zoom out and see what might need to change in the […]

Potty Talk: Why Start EC, Science of EC, Babies on Potties, and more

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A cute video introduction to Elimination Communication. Ignore the other potty training related videos on this page and just enjoy watching all of the babies using the potty! This is a good start, but definitely shows that there is a need for more scientific research into the pros/cons of Elimination Communication (i.e. or just plain […]